Hello & welcome to my 'lil space on the internet 

<--- That's me. I'd like to say I've changed since then, but honestly, I've really not.

I'm Beth, a 22-year-old, recent university grad with a red face and a penchant for bursting into song at any given moment.

I originally started a blog years ago but finally woke up to how terrible and embarrassing the domain name was so I started this one instead. But a few posts in and my final year of uni hit me like the proverbial bus, and I just couldn't find the time to write anything other than uni stuff.

But I'm back again! True, this is just me procrastinating instead of looking for that pesky little job thing everyone goes on about.

On this blog you'll find pretty much anything that interests me: travel, creative writing, music, lifestyle, food, fashion... just go take a look and see what you find on this random lil site of mine.

Anyhoo, I still consider myself a newbie to this whole blogging shebang so I'd love to hear any advice, constructive criticism, or if you'd like to contribute!

OK... I might have changed a tad.

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